Erik Bethke (erikbethke) wrote,
Erik Bethke

3 Great Games - DefenseGrid, Age of Booty and Schizoid

So now that I have been back in the states for a few months I have had some time to play some XBLA games.  There are a ton of great games out there.  However, I have the great fortune to be friends with the guys that have created the 3 games that I have played and enjoyed the most on XBLA!

DefenseGrid by Hidden Path Entertainment in Seattle

Age of Booty by Certain Affinity in Austin

and Schizoid by Torpex also of Seattle

DefenseGrid and Age of Booty are also available on PC via Steam and other digital distribution methods, Schizoid is alas Xbox only.

If you like or even kinda like tower defense games, DefenseGrid rocks.

If you even sort liked Settlers of Catan then how could you deny a game inspired by those mechanics but includes cannons and pirate ships!  My 7-year old Kyle and I played one Saturday for 10 hours straight.

And Torpex is a visual explosion that is simply a kick ass game to play in coop!


Tags: age of booty, and schizoid, defensegrid, great games

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