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Way too long since I have posted

 It has been a long, long time since I have posted...

So many changes in life... here are a few updates:


I loved the sour look on W's face as he watched true greatness sweep him aside onto the pile of bitter ashes of history.

So after 5 years living in Seoul Korea - I am back!

Thank you Obama for accepting the challenge of leading us back from the darkness...

Switching gears....

The ShamWoW sales guy Vince is one of my new life heros:

I was already convined about the towels, Kyle and I nod at each other every time he pitches the towels, and I have been thinking he is much better at selling paper towels than I will ever be selling anything.  On top of that he if fighting the good fight of attacking the Church of Scientologists!

Adam martin over at T=Machine has just written a very valuable post on Tabula Rasa - it is a must read - he should be making money off of every read:

He raises so many important issues, but the biggest central issue is why do we not talk about the failures of our games?  He gives many solid reasons, I agree with all of them.  One of the most crazy things about our industry is how game development teams usually make between 2 to 10 different games at the same time and passively aggressively refuse to work together.

With the Warm and Fuzzy team here in Los Angeles (great to be back home) and with collaboration with Neowiz Games we have created and released a very solid puzzle game that has been a big hit with anyone I know that has played it!  It is a mystery and puzzle game with jogsaw puzzles, find the differences, hidden objects and all together 100 different puzzles with 7 chapters (first chapter is free $20 for the full game)

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