Erik Bethke (erikbethke) wrote,
Erik Bethke

Settlers of the New Virtual Worlds


I have a new book out... this time I had a LOT of help!  Erin Hoffman did the heavy lifting on the editing and book design, and together we pulled in 15 great contributors!  Check out the list below...

Who wants to be the first to get a review up on Amazon??? ^^

But, seriously... this compilations of essays discusses in depth the state of thinking on how we manage this awkward transitional period of virtual property and human rights in our online worlds.

Today's users of virtual environments -- estimated to number 50 million by 2011 -- invest huge amounts of time, money, and heart into their online homes. But modern license agreements do not accord them any ownership over this investment. This book explores the complex relationships between virtual world inhabitants, creators, worlds, and the real-world law that now is closing in to mediate between them.

Joining editors Erik Bethke and Erin Hoffman are contributors:

Julian Dibbell
Bill Fulton
Laura Genender
Andres Guadamuz
Link Hughes
Sean F. Kane
Raph Koster
Heather and Susan Logas
Pétur Jóhannes Óskarsson
Russ Pitts
Cat Rambo
Chris Rettstatt
Ren Reynolds
and Allen Varney.

Settlers of the New Virtual Worlds
Tags: eula, mmo, virtual property

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