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7-11 Gamer!

Wow!  Michael Zenke posted a podcast at MMOG Nation all about well, my GDC 08 talk.  Actually, not really about my talk, bbut about the "7-11" gamer that I invoked to illustrate that we are on the cusp of realizing that some people, no many people are beginning to have truly more meaningful and human life experiences online as opposed to their "real life".

Michael Zenke's  7-11 Gamer Podcast

Michael Zenke has a great speaking voice and I went to check out some of his other podcasts and he speaks really really well and he described much better than I did I think, that passion that I have that our work as online world builders (not gods!) is actually a tremendously important work of good that we are sharing.

It sounds a bit sappy, but I really was moved and a bit chocked up when listening to Michael's podcast as I really do deeply feel passionately for the investment of time, money, creative and even the life of the 7-11 gamer - the real gamers...

Michael is now off on his own after performing an excellent tour of duty at Slashdot and now is doing freelance writing for Massively, Wired and many more places...

I am looking forward to hearing and reading more of his thoughts...

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